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About Pugliese Interior Systems


Pugliese Interior Systems was founded in 1976 by John Pugliese and Gene Anawalt. John retired in 1993 and today, as president, Gene oversees company operations. For a quarter of a century the company’s goal has been the same: to install access floors of the highest caliber at competitive prices, and to make a positive difference in a demanding industry by offering superior service.

Because the revolution in information technology keeps proceeding at a furious pace, with new hardware and systems emerging on a constant day-by-day basis, businesses must invest in performance-enhancing environments to facilitate the optimum use of their electronic systems. In a variety of ways, access floors installed by Pugliese Interior Systems, enhance business operations by acting as an air plenum for cooling equipment in traditional data centers, as well as a service distribution plenum for dispensing voice, data, power, and HVAC within an office environment.

As a leading provider of access floors, the company is proud to be an authorized dealer of Tate Access Floors in the state of California, utilizing the innovative Tate Building Technology Platform (BTP) concept. From small office projects to multimillion-dollar installations, the spectrum of businesses that have utilized Pugliese’s expertise ranges from education to public utilities and from aerospace to entertainment. The company’s reputation within the industry is notable and has garnered clients such as Disney Animation, Pacific Bell Telephone, The Automobile Club of S. California, First World Communications, Ford Premier Group, and the Gemological Institute of America.

The popularity of access flooring is strongly centered in the practical solutions it offers. Office environments have changed drastically in the last 20 years . Fax machines have replaced messenger services . Internet service and accompanying email — once a luxury — are now standard operating tools in addition to an array of expanded telephone and voice communication services. Understandably the key factor to maximizing office operations is to utilize the advantages of a raised flooring concept that allows room for the necessary web of ducts and wiring needed to supply all the voice, data, power, heating and air conditioning required in today’s “intelligent” buildings.

It used to be that the only consideration given to an office floor was the question of choosing carpet or tile. Today’s access floors are a different story. An elevated flooring system can range in height from as low as four inches to as high as 72 inches, depending on how the interstitial space underneath is being used. The access floor is composed of panels supported by various types of understructure systems. Choosing the correct panel type along with the proper understructure requires the knowledge of professionals. That’s where the experts at Pugliese Interior Systems come in.

The staff at Pugliese knows that the major benefit of installing access flooring is the floor’s ability to enhance performance in the office environment. The access floor systems are non-combustible, solid, quiet, offer excellent grounding and electrical continuity, and have substantial loading qualities. Also, based on the practical attributes of the Tate Building Technology Platform (BTP), benefits can include improvement of worker comfort, productivity, internal air quality, and reduction in building energy costs by 15 to 20 percent, and building maintenance costs by 40 to 60 percent.  All of these can improve the owner’s chances of earning a LEED rating for a more sustainable and healthier building.

Additionally, when an office environment requires a renovation, disruption of services can be reduced by 60 to 80 percent, because an access floor allows for quick expansion without a great amount of reconfiguration or disruption.  Studies show the design approach of the BTP will lower energy and reconfiguration costs, as well as enhance indoor-air-quality and the comfort of office environments…leading directly to higher worker productivity.

Whether it’s an access floor for new construction or a remodeling contract to amend an outdated system, Pugliese offers consultation services, product selection and installation from two convenient California locations: Hayward and the company’s headquarters in Rancho Santa Margarita. As a union contractor, licensed and bonded in California, the company preserves the integrity of its workmanship by selectively using its own in-house, specially trained installation crews.

Pugliese Interior Systems offers a full complement of access floor options to suit all facility applications. Among the Tate flooring products the company carries are All-Steel hollow panels for traditional computer rooms, and ConCore concrete-filled panels for computer rooms, as well as office environments.

In addition, we offer the Koldlok® anti-leak grommets, CII underfloor modular power, voice and data system, and the 24" PosiTile® 1-to-1 ratio carpet tile made exclusively for Tate by Shaw Industries.

The Floating Floors aluminum panels by Tate are designed for use in semiconductor cleanroom facilities and hospital MRI rooms - environments where contamination prevention and electromagnetic fields are of primary concern. As a leader in access floor technology, Tate understands and addresses the critical cleanroom and MRI design issues facing the industry today. The company is committed to solving the structural, conductivity, airflow, contamination, and non-ferrous challenges to ensure unimpaired compliance of cleanroom and MRI conditions. Among the successful products used in these environments is the perforated panel, available in a variety of specially chamfered hole configurations and sizes,- designed to achieve air volume and pressure differential requirements through controlled airflow. Additional options include solid panels available in a selection of conductive and static-dissipative coverings, and the unique octagonal grates engineered to provide superior airflow and the reduction of rolling load vibrations.

The importance of access flooring in cleanroom environments is underscored by the integral role that cleanrooms have in society. Scientific and medical laboratories, hospital MRI and CAT scan units, aerospace engineering and testing institutions, the communications industry and other mission critical facilities — worldwide all of these applications depend upon the quality control attributes of access flooring to assist in achieving flexible or contaminant-free environments.

On another note, C/S Acrovyn® has become synonymous with wall protection by reducing wall damage and maintenance costs in tens of thousands of buildings worldwide. Pugliese offers the complete Acrovyn line of wall protection, including: corner guards, handrails, crash rails, and wall coverings, with hundreds of profiles manufactured from classic Acrovyn, new PVC-free "green" Acrovyn 3000, FSC certified wood, bamboo, and wood/metal combinations. And when it comes to color, pattern, and finish options, no manufacturer has a broader selection to meet the design of any interior environment.

Pugliese is also proud to offer the Draper Screen Company, which is one of the largest and most experienced manufacturer of projection screens in the world. They are known for the breadth of their projection screen line, which includes electric, tab-tensioned, manual wall, tripod, portable and fixed frame screens for commercial and home theater applications. They also offer a complete line of rigid rear projection screens and mirror systems. They take great pride in providing the shortest manufacturing lead times in the industry and always welcome custom sizes, aspect ratios and projects.

To be sure, in this day and age, keeping up with technology will insure the success of the future. Building the future in conjunction with technology is the business of Pugliese Interior Systems, where the groundwork for the future is being laid from the floor up.

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