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GrateAires airflow grates are a more effective way of cooling down data centers because it does a better job introducing more air conditioned air into the space. This is especially important today, because the new servers being used are more powerful and faster, but generate a lot more heat.

The traditional airflow panel is the welded-steel perforated panel (simply a solid panel with hundreds of holes punched into it), with an "open area" of only 25%. The GrateAire airflow panel is a die cast aluminum grate, which is lighter, cleaner and naturally conductive to handle static discharge better. Most impressive is the open airflow area of almost 60%, allowing much more air to enter the space under less pressure. This makes a GrateAire panel more efficient with lower energy costs.

As a result, less GrateAires airflow grates are needed to achieve the same results for airflow. Generally, an application requiring 100 perf panels to achieve proper cooling would only need 40 GrateAires to meet the same requirement. Airflow grates protect expensive servers and equipment with more efficiency.
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