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KoldLok raised-floor grommets leverage 10 years of field research to minimize bypass airflow in critical data centers challenged by the increasing heat densities of new IT and Telecom equipment. KoldLok is cost effective, improves reliability, and supports best practice initiatives. Other benefits include:
  • Seals cable cutouts in raised floor to eliminate up to 98% of air loss by minimizing bypass airflow
  • Increases static pressure and airflow through perforated floor tiles.
  • Optimizes the existing airflow in your data center and ensures cool air is delivered to where is intended which resolves hot spots and helps balance the airflow.
  • Bleeds off static charge buildup on cables to raised-floor conductive surface.
  • Easy, tool-less installation, requires no down-time to install or re-cable
  • Patented double-brush design ensures maximum airflow control.
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Corner Guards

Pugliese Interior Systems

Corner Guards

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