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Motorized Projection Screens

Application .:. Office Buildings / Highrise Offices / General Offices

Access floor technology brings the evolution of building design to the next level. Underfloor air, plug and play modular power, and voice/data cabling distribution offer significant first-build and life-cycle value, reduced churn costs, and reconfiguring flexibility. Underfloor service distribution also enables cost-effective integration of building components, including structure, lighting, furniture and wall systems.

The perfect working environment in an office building needs to address a variety of needs. These needs include maintaining high-quality clean air, improving personal comfort control, attenuating noise, responding to organizational and technology changes quickly and easily, and supporting the overall aesthetic value of the building - all while being cost-effective in both during building and operation. With Tate's Building Technology Platform(r), you'll be able to address all of the factors required to create the perfect working environment that reflects the goals and image of your business.

Raised floor systems deliver an unlimited ability to reconfigure data and electrical systems on demand. Underfloor air distribution reduces energy costs, improves indoor air quality, and enhances personal productivity and comfort. These benefits and more reside in "Green Building" design, with its environmentally-conscious construction solutions. Access Floors with underfloor service distribution contributes to the ability to accumulate significant LEED points in the areas of Energy & Atmosphere, Materials & Resources, and Indoor Environmental Quality.

Over 40 years of innovation have made Tate Access Floors the definitive leader for bringing today's office buildings into the future.

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