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Roseville Telephone Company

130,000 S.F. Campus Facility including Office, Warehouse, Vehicle Maintenance and Yard

Before we began construction, we studied alternative methods of wiring distribution, and decided it was crucial to have a totally flexible system because we average a 30% or greater reconfiguration annually.

We chose Access Floors because they were more cost effective over time, and because they allowed us quick access to wires in the plenum when repair or changes were needed. Without this system, our costs would skyrocket.

Architect Williams & Paddon

Pacific Bell

226,000 S.F. General Offices, Engineering, and Training Centers

"The floor is very solid and quiet. Most people honestly don't know they've made the transition from a concrete core area to the Access Floor."

"And the floors are so durable, I'm sure they will be here long after this building is declared a historical monument. If I ever have to specify a wire management system again for another Pacific Bell location, there'll be no question about what I'd use. It would have to be Access Floors."

Southern California Gas Company

500,000 S.F. General Offices and Training Centers

We're a pretty mobile company," says the Gas Company's Chuck Heidman, "and we have to accommodate change. That's the main reason why we use this Access Floor - for the flexibility it gives us."

Each day more than 2,000 employees walk across a half million sq.ft. of SOLID FEEL SF-1000 and All-Steel AS-1000 floor panels, which are installed with CORNERLOC and the Edge Support Rigid Grid understructures, respectively. Bare panels are topped with carpet squares in office areas, and with static-control high pressure laminate (HPL) in the Greytone pattern-with patented Designer Integral Trim-in computer rooms. Beneath the raised floors, Heidman says the company has located miles of data, electrical and communications cables all easily accessed when reconfiguration is needed.


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