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The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

"The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company would like to thank Pugliese Interior Systems for its participation in the Gateway Lake Forest Building #2 Tenant Improvement. Gateway is extremely pleased with the quality and care taken in the building construction. Special thanks should be given to your project team. Without them, we could not have completed the project on time and with the quality we expect. As the Project Manager, I am pleased to have been a part of such a successful project and to have worked with your team. I look forward to working with Pugliese Interior Systems again."

Keith Parsons
Project Manager

Washoe County

"It has now been 5 years since the raised installation at our Courts Facility. As you may remember, we installed the 18" raised floor on the 30,000 sq. ft. First floor plate. We also installed the raised flooring at every cour bench/clerk location and the buildings Main and intermediate Distribution Facility's. All cabling and under floor air distribution occurs under the floor.

Our Facility Management Division and Telecommunication Division with the IT Department have been pleased with the floor performance. There have been very few complaints from the occupants of the Air distribution system to the delight of the FM Division. Data and power modifications have been made with relative ease due to the application of "Station Link" for distribution of all cabling. All of our other buildings have been built to date using conventional above ceiling distribution, lacking the success of the raised floor applications.

The County's Internal Design team has been so happy with the access floor application; we have used it to raise public service counters making full use of system furnishings. This application has given us the versatility to make above floor wiring modifications with ease in existing buildings while solving the internal needs of each departments public counter service needs.

We plan on using the under floor and wiring application on our next office facility that will begin the planning phase in early 2001.

We thank you again for the effors you and others inthe industry have helped us with our raised flooring applications. We look forward to our next project where we can work on the new systems to solve old and existing building infrastructure problems."

Bob Hall, AIA
County Architect
Washoe County Nevada
Capital Projects Division

Gemological Institute of America

"We now fully occupied our building for about a year and the raised floors with underfloor air distribution are working as specified. We have far fewer temperature complaints, no indoor air quality problems and much happier occupants.

GIA continues to change and, as we planned, we can reconfigure office areas quickly and inexpensively. The combination of raised floors for electrical, communication and air distribution plus moveable walls allows us to change an area with very little disruption. We are seeing large returns on our investment through the savings in labor costs and lack of down time.

There is no question that we made the correct decision in selecting these products."

Gary S. Hill
Director of Facilities

Gemological Institute of America

"We want to thank you for your recommendation to have the under floor air distribution system designed into our new Customer Service Center building. The system has performed better than expected, our energy cost and usage are less than the computer modeling indicated it would be. This type of system gave us the flexibility to change office layouts without major rework of ductwork and power. In fact it has allowed more office cubicles to be placed than it was originally designed for. The greatest benefit is that our employees have control over their environment and have not placed individual heaters at their desks, due to the vents being at the floor and not the ceiling.

Thank you again for recommending this application for our building."

Glenn M Shuder AIA
Principal Architect


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