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ConCore®1250 PosiLockT Underfloor Air System Specs

Part l - General

1.01  Description of Work

A. Work in this section includes, but is not limited to: access floor panels, understructure, Krantz air diffusers, grounding, various electrical, data, communication and accessories, plenum dividers and temporary cover plates.

B. Related work specified elsewhere:

1. Concrete:  Division 3

a. Cast-in-place concrete shall be within 1" of specified height and shall not vary more than 1/4" in 10.b. Concrete sealer shall be as recommended by the access floor manufacturer or an approved equal that is compatible with floor pedestal adhesive.

c. Depressed slab, if specified, shall be compatible with access floor.

2.  Finishes:  Division 9, reference paragraph 2.02 B.

a. Carpet:  Section 09680. Carpet Tile, shall be PosiTile as manufactured by Tate Access Floors

3.  Mechanical:  Division 15.  Assure compatibility of floor air diffusers installation with access floor.

4.     Electrical Division 16.  Electrical contractor shall connect access floor to building ground as specified in paragraph 3.03 C.

5.     Insulation Division:  Coordinate insulation with access floor contractor for areas of air supply duct.

1.02 System Description

A. Access floor system shall consist of nominal 24" square, modular panels supported by and secured to adjustable pedestals.  Panels shall be secured to pedestals with one captive fastener at each corner.

B. All components of the access floor system are to be of steel construction except for the lightweight cementitious fill and modular carpet tiles.

C. Panels shall be easily removable by one person with a lifting device and shall be interchangeable except where cut for special conditions.

D. Complete floor system shall be sturdy, rigid, and free of overall rocking, rattles, squeaks and noises.  The finished floor shall be level within +/- 0.100 and shall be level within +/- 0.062" in any 10' direction.

E. Quantities, finished floor height (FFH) and location of accessories shall be as specified on the contract drawings.

F. System shall be electrically conductive for dissipation of static while having enough electrical resistance to provide protection against electrical shock.

G. Controlled air plenum system shall be an integral part of the access flooring system and be capable of providing a controlled and uniform flow of supply air at the temperature and air volume as indicated on the mechanical plans.

1.03 Quality Assurance

A. Manufacturer shall have a history of five years of successful projects of similar size and complexity.  All structural access floor components shall be supplied by one manufacturer to ensure compatibility.  Products shall be manufactured and labeled "Made in USA".

B. Contractor shall be approved by the manufacturer, use manufacturer approved service personnel and shall have a history of five years of successful projects of similar size and complexity.

C. Panels shall have a flame spread rating of 5 or less when tested in accordance with ASTM E-84.

D. Method for testing resistance of the access floor system shall be in accordance with NFPA No. 99, Chapter 3, modified when maintaining the room at 45% +/- relative humidity. System shall be electrically conductive for dissipation of static while having enough electrical resistance to provide protection against electrical shock.

E. Access floor shall be capable of resisting the horizontal force (Fp) in accordance with the current Uniform Building Code Standards for an office building in seismic zone 4.

1.04 Sequencing/Scheduling

A. A pre-job conference to establish schedule, review shop drawings and coordinate trades must be attended by the general contractor, electrical contractor and all others whose work may be affected by the access floor system.

B. Pedestal locations shall be established from approved shop drawings so that mechanical and electrical work can be installed without interfering with pedestal installation.

C. Installation of access floor and under floor supply air diffuser shall be coordinated with other trades to maintain the integrity of the installed system.

1.05 Submittals

A. Manufacturer qualifications.

B. Contractor qualifications.

C. Certification that material and installation are in accordance with the specification.

D. Test reports by an independent laboratory certifying that component parts perform as specified.

E. One each of the following are to be submitted for review as specified:  floor panel, pedestal,  KB-200 air diffuser and captive fastener.

F. Shop drawings of panel layout shall include railings, steps, and ramp locations with details of assembly components, anchoring methods, perimeter conditions, service boxes, air diffusers, cutouts, grounding methods and interfaces with other conditions.

1.06 Delivery and Placement

A.  Materials shall be delivered in original, unopened packages clearly labeled with the manufacturer's name and item description.

B.  Material packages shall be distributed around the areas where they will be used to avoid over stressing the sub- floor and to facilitate installation.

1.07 Project Conditions

A.  General contractor shall provide secure storage and a clean sub-floor which is free of dust, construction debris and other trades during the installation of access floor.

B.  Building shall be enclosed and the temperature shall be maintained between 40 degrees and 90 degrees F.


Part 2 - Products

A.  The access floor and under floor air system shall consist of   24" square Concore 1250 PosiLoc panels, PosiLoc understructure, CII Modular Wiring for Power, Data and Telephone and Krantz high induction air diffusers.  This system is designed for general office applications, manufactured by Tate Access Floors and distributed by Pugliese Interior Systems, Inc. 1 Bendix, Irvine, CA. 92618  (949) 837-9194.

B.  Other manufacturers and products requesting approval must meet or exceed all structural and design criteria and have written prior approval from the architect 10 days prior to bid.

2.02 Materials

A.  Floor panels:

1.  Panels (Type I) shall be bare Concore 1250 PosiLocThe panel perimeter shall be manufactured to receive the pedestal head location projections. 

2.  Exposed concrete finish is unacceptable.

3.  Chipboard or particleboard core is unacceptable.

4.  Panel assembly shall include four fasteners held  captive to the panel.

B.  Floor covering:

Panels shall be supplied bare with PosiTiles to be furnished and field installed under this section.

C.  Pedestals:

Pedestal assemblies shall be electro-galvanized steel. The base shall be a minimum of 4" x 4" x 1/8" square and shall be stamped and/or embossed on its underside and shall be adhered to the sub-floor with an adhesive recommended by the access flooring manufacturer.  The threaded stud will be 3/4" diameter solid steel.  The head assembly shall be designed so that the panels will be laterally locked in place.  The entire assembly shall provide a minimum of 2" of vertical adjustment, when FFH is 6" or more.  The assembly shall provide a mechanical means to lock the floor in a level plane and adjustments shall be capable of being made without special tools.  The head shall be designed to accept a metal fastener to mechanically lock the panels in place.  Pedestal assembly shall support a 8,000 lb. axial load and shall resist a minimum 1,000 inch-pound turnover moment when bonded to a clean concrete slab.

D.   Air Control Plenum Diffusers

Air Control Plenum Diffusers Floor diffusers, shall be KB-200, high induction type manufactured by H. Krantz & Co.  The KB-200 diffuser is injection molded with high impact polycarbonate equal to Makrolon #94-15, and shall be capable of supporting a 1400 lb. concentrated load.  The polycarbonate shall be self extinguishing type which complies with UL-94 and ASTM-D635-74 criteria.  The diffuser shall have angular slots that twist air exiting the diffuser with a minimum induction ratio of 10 to 1.  Optional damper shall be installed within the diffuser as specified.  The KB-200 diffuser shall deliver a minimum air flow of 75 cfm depending upon the static pressure indicated in the mechanical section of the specification.  A complete unit consists of the twist element, dirt collecting basket, damper and carpet tension ring.  The product has no moving parts nor requires any power to be operable.  Refer to Division 15.

E.  Accessories

1.  CII Modular Wireing System shall be as detailed on the drawings for both power , data and telephone.

2.  PVD Service Boxes: shall be provided at location  detailed on contract drawings.  Outlets shall have a UL listing, and be capable of accommodating power, signal and communication cables.  Panels to have factory cutouts.

3.  Provide standard expansion joints, plenum divider, and access holes with grommets where indicated on the contract drawings.

4.  Provide manufacturer's standard lifting devices of the type compatible with the panel covering.

5.  Plenum dividers shall be constructed from either 18 gauge galvanized steel sheet  or .064 inch aluminum plate.  Provide sizes and thickness to meet project requirements.

6.  Provide temporary 14 gauge  metal covers over factory cutouts for electrical boxes and air diffusers prior to their installation.

F.  Maintenance materials: Provide the following spare materials ____panels, _____pedestals, ____service outlets, _____KB-200, ____lifting devices.

2.03 System

A.  Structural performance of the panel system shall perform as indicated below:

Concentrated Load Uniform Load Rolling Load
1,250 lb. 300 lb. 800 lb. 10,000 cycles/
1,000 lb 10 cycles

Panels shall withstand a rolling load of 1,000 lbs. applied through a 3" dia. x 1-13/16" wide caster for 10 cycles over the same path with less than .010" top surface permanent set.  Panels shall withstand a rolling load of 800 lbs. applied through a hard rubber-surfaced wheel 6" dia. x 1-1/2" wide for 10,000 cycles  over the same path.  Permanent set at the conclusion of the test shall not exceed .010".

B. Heat Transmission: Bottom surface temperature exposure to 1600 degrees F for 15 minutes shall not increase the top surface temperature more than 150 degrees above the ambient temperature.

C.  Air Supply Diffuser:  The underfloor air distribution control plenum system shall use the Krantz KB-200 diffuser where shown on the drawings.



3.01 Inspection

A.  Examine structural sub-floor for unevenness, irregularities and dampness that would affect the quality and execution of the work.  Do not proceed with installation until structural floor surfaces are level, clean and dry.

B.  Concrete sealers, if used, shall be identified and proven to  be compatible with pedestal adhesive.

C.  Verify dimensions on contract drawings, including interfaces such as abutting floor, ledges and door sills.

3.02 Installation

A.  Pedestal locations shall be established from approved shop drawings so that mechanical and electrical work can be installed without interfering with pedestal installation.

B.  Installation of access floor and underfloor supply air shall be coordinated with other trades to maintain the integrity of the installed system.  Traffic shall not be allowed on any of the floor area for 24 hours to allow the pedestal adhesive to set.

C.  Floor system and accessories shall be installed under the supervision of the manufacturer's  authorized representative and according to manufacturer's recommendations.

D.  No dust or debris-producing operations by other trades shall be allowed in areas where access floor is being installed to ensure proper bonding of pedestals to subfloor.

E.  Sub-floor shall be kept broom-clean as installation progresses.

F.  Partially complete floors shall be braced against shifting to maintain the integrity of the installed system.

G.  Additional pedestals as needed shall support panels where floor is disrupted by columns, walls and cutouts.

H.  Understructure shall be aligned such that all uncut panels are interchangeable and fit snugly but do not bind when placed in alternate positions.

I.  Finished floor shall be level, not varying more than 0.062" in 10' or 0.100" overall.

J.  Installed system shall be free of vibration, rocking, rattles, squeaks and other unacceptable performance.

K.  Plenum dividers:  Shall be accurately scribed and fit to the subfloor and sealed with mastic to ensure maintenance of plenum effect.  Include gaskets and sealant to ensure airtight seal where holes are cut for penetration.

L. Air Diffuser:  Shall be installed in one of four quadrants of a standard 24" x 24" access floor panel utilizing a factory cutout to ensure proper tolerances.  Trim frame shall be placed in factory cutout and secured to  panel with retainer.

M.  Cut panel:

1.  Make cutouts required for services penetrating panels.

2.  Cut panels to fit walls and columns where required.

3.  Seal cut edges with waterproof cement sealer to prevent spalling.

4.  Cover interior cut edges with grommets, plastic trim, molding and/or gaskets

N.  Acceptance:  General contractor shall accept floor in whole or in part prior to allowing use by other trades.

3.03 Cleaning, Protection and Grounding After Completion of  Installation - By Others

A.  Vacuum clean the entire system.

B.  Before any equipment is moved across the access floor, the floor shall be protected by 1/2" plywood.

C.  Electrical contractor shall connect the access floor to building ground as follows:  A #12 AWG bare grounding wire shall be attached to one pedestal every 3,000 to 4,000 sq. ft. and run to the building ground.

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