Access Floors
Access Floors
Access Floors

Underfloor Air

Underfloor Air Benefits
Underfloor Air
  • Maximum flexibility, air distribution system can change, easily, quickly, inexpensively, to meet the modern demands of office organizational changes
  • Lower HVAC air costs
  • Reduces direct overhead costs owing to the lower energy costs
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Improves work productivity
  • Eliminates air distribution system noise
  • Lowers slab to slab elevation
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Underfloor Air Components  
Tate Diffuser

Tate air diffusers provide floor based air distribution and air flow can vary from 75 to 100 CFM depending on the static pressure.

The standard colors are light grey and black. Other colors are available with a minimum order of 500.
York® Modular Integrated Terminals
Integrated Terminal

With MIT terminals, you get the comfort of a variable-air-volume system that provides the precise amount of conditioned air to the workspace. A thermostat signals the terminal when more or less air is needed. Then a patented sliding damper adjusts the air volume until the thermostat - and occupant - are satisfied.
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