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Access Floors

Pugliese Interior Systems, Inc. is an authorized California dealer for the complete Tate

Access Floors product line, including: ConCore™ “filled” steel panels and All-Steel “hollow”

steel panels of various design-loads, Woodcore panels, DirectPerf™, DirectAire™,

GrateAire™, SmartAire™ and PowerAire™ airflow panels and grates, TateCrete™ all-

concrete panels, and Floating Floor™ aluminum flooring.  Tate also offers a variety of

factory-applied finishes to choose from. 


In addition, Tate offers a complete line of accessories including: Koldlok™ anti-leak brush

grommets, opposed-blade dampers, VAV and passive air diffusers, underfloor modular

power/voice/data, and their unique 1-to-1 PosiTile carpet tile.

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