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General Offices

The popularity of access flooring in General Office environments is strongly centered in the

practical solutions it offers. Office environments have changed drastically in the last 20

years. The Internet, email, texting, etc. - once a luxury - are now standard operating tools.

Access floors provide the necessary plenums for underfloor HVAC distribution, as well as

the wire management required for voice, data & power required in today’s intelligent

“green” buildings.


Tate’s access flooring systems are non-combustible, rigid, quiet, offer excellent electrical

continuity, and have robust loading capabilities. Operating benefits can include

improvement of worker comfort, productivity, internal air quality, faster reconfiguration, and

reduction in building energy costs.  In addition, all of these can improve the owner’s

chances of earning a LEED rating, recognizing a more sustainable and healthier building.


Access floor technology brings the evolution of building design to the next level. Underfloor

air, plug and play modular power, and voice/data cabling distribution offer significant first-

build and life-cycle value, reduced churn costs, and reconfiguring flexibility and savings.

Underfloor service distribution also enables cost-effective integration of building

components, including structure, lighting, furniture and wall systems.

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