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Air Flow Panels/Grates

Tate offers a variety of airflow panels and grates depending on application.


The traditional airflow panel is the welded-steel perforated panel (a solid panel with

holes punched into it), with an “open area” of 25%.  Also available is the 25% or 32%

open DirectPerf™ which “directs the air to where you need it.


The 56% open GrateAire™ airflow panel is a die cast aluminum grate, which is lighter,

cleaner and naturally conductive for better static discharge. The larger open area allows

more air to enter the space under less pressure for more efficiency and lower energy

costs.  As a result, fewer GrateAire™ grates are needed to achieve the same results for

airflow.  Available with optional opposed-blade damper. 


Need greater airflow…Tate also offers the 60% open aluminum (25 lbs) and 68% open

steel (49 lbs) DirectAire™ grates, which “direct” more air volume to where it is needed. 

Both these high volume grates come with optional opposed-blade damper.  Also

available with SmartAire™ automatic VAV controls or PowerAire™ fan-assisted VAV.

   Perf 800    DirectPerf1250    GrateAire     DirectAire AI    DirectAire Steel
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