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Clean Rooms & Semiconductor FABS


As the line widths of semiconductor circuits have continued to decrease, how to deal

with airborne particulates that can short out these delicate communication pathways has

become an increasingly greater challenge. Environments that once were acceptable

with the presence of 1 or even .05 micron particles, can no longer tolerate even sub-

micron contamination in gaseous form. Specialized enhancement in access floor

product design, as well as various high-tech coatings and surface finishes, help to

minimize the release of small airborne particulates and out-gassing, which can damage

expensive semiconductor products.


The Floating Floors™ aluminum panels by Tate are designed for use in semiconductor

cleanroom facilities, hospital MRI rooms, aerospace, and other mission critical facilities

where contamination prevention and electromagnetic fields are of primary concern. As a

leader in access floor technology, Tate understands and addresses the critical design

issues facing the industry today. The company is committed to solving structural,

conductivity, airflow, and contamination challenges to ensure unimpaired compliance of

cleanroom and MRI environments.


Among the successful products used in these environments is the perforated panel,

available in a variety of special “chamfered” hole configurations to eliminate air

turbulence and different sizes for controlled air flow designed to achieve specific air

volume and pressure differential requirements. Additional options include solid panels

available in a selection of conductive and static-dissipative coverings, and the unique

octagonal grates engineered to provide superior airflow and the reduction of wheel



With some semiconductor processing tools approaching 30,000 lbs. or more, it is

essential that the access floor be able to handle the massive rolling loads they are

exposed to when these machines are moved in and out of the fabs. The Tate Floating

Floor FF3000 die cast aluminum flooring system can handle ultimate loads up to

4,500/in² to support these excessively heavy processing tools.


Tate also has the unique capability to package your flooring components within a clean

environment using non-out-gassing packaging material. In addition, Pugliese’s

installation crews wear industry approved clean garments, and are trained to install

flooring within an ultra-clean protocol environment using specially encased tools.


Our engineering, technical support, and experienced manufacturing expertise provide

worldwide solutions to these ever changing problems within microelectronics industry,

from Class 1 through Class 100 to meet Federal STD. 209E/ISO14644-1.

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