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Tate was originally founded in 1962 to capitalize on the need for cable and air cooling

management associated with the introduction of large mainframe computers from

companies such as IBM, Wang and Control Data. Since 1990, Tate has expanded its

product offering and market share mainly through the strategic acquisition of major

competitors including: Floating Floors (cleanrooms) in 1990, Innocrete in 1991, and the

Donn division of USG in 1994. In 2000, Tate was purchased by the Kingspan Group, a

multi-national building materials corporation headquartered in Ireland.


Today, Tate Access Floors, Inc. is the largest and most diversified manufacturer of

raised access floors in the United States. Their major market growth has also changed

from exclusively computer/equipment rooms to general office applications, utilizing the

Tate "Building Technology Platform" (BTP) to manage critical building services, including:

voice, data, power, and HVAC. The growing acceptance of underfloor air designs allows

for more cost efficient and healthier office environments. 


In addition, Tate's specialty line of aluminum access flooring (Floating Floors), is used in

semiconductor cleanrooms, hospital MRI rooms, and other mission critical facilities.


Tate manufacturers products in Red Lion, PA, Jessup, MD, and Walsall, England; and via

licenses in several other countries, giving them a total global presence. Tate's products are

sold exclusively through authorized dealer/installers, which currently total 132 in North

America, 22 in Europe, and 45 in over forty countries around the world.



Pugliese Interior Systems, Inc. is an authorized Tate Access Floors dealer in the state of

California.  Only Tate brand authorized dealers can guarantee genuine Tate access floor

products and service, and insure proper applications and installation. Pugliese field

personnel undergo intensive training to insure they are familiar with the complete Tate

product line, as well as the proper methods to correctly and safely install it.  Only an

authorized Tate dealer can offer a full One Year Warranty on both material and labor.

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