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Expertise and experience in supporting a wide range of technical facility demands

has allowed Tate to create service distribution systems and products specifically

designed to meet the requirements of today’s casino environments. In terms of

ultimate flexibility, Tate access floors offers the most efficient way to respond to

your casino’s need for change. Whether it is the creation of an improved facility that

enhances the customer environment and gaming experience, adapting to new

technologies or integrating the next generation of security equipment, Tate access

floors provide easy and simply solutions now, and in the future.


In addition, Tate access floors play a critical role in improving air quality and

maintaining the physical integrity of the gaming environment, by allowing you to

control thermal, energy, and air quality control levels…zone-by-zone, throughout

the casino. Since all the new Native American casinos and gaming resorts in the

state of California permit smoking, the use of underfloor air design is especially

effective in creating upward vertical laminar air flow to remove cigarette smoke and

make the environment “gamer-friendly” to non-smokers. This adds up to increased

revenue for the tribe owners!


In addition, this efficient type of underfloor HVAC system is a tremendous saver on

energy costs, which translates into even more profits. Add to this the benefits of

reconfiguration flexibility for easy maintenance and to accommodate change or

future expansion over the long term, and you are looking at a greater return on

investment for the owners.

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