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Data Centers & Server Rooms

In 1965 Gordon Moore of Intel predicted that semiconductor processing power would double every 18 to

24 months (Moore’s Law). Over the years the industry has closely adhered to this growth rate. As a result,

uneven or lack of cooling in mission critical facilities is a very common problem today, and will only

increase as computer power consumption rises due to more condensed semiconductors, densely packed

equipment, increased rack heights, and increasing power consumption.


Many sites will have problems cooling even the smallest quantities of this new generation of servers using

traditional mechanical engineering approaches. Data shows that for every 18 degrees F increase in

temperature above 68 degrees F, long-term hardware reliability is decreased by 50%. A raised access

floor, with appropriate airflow panels/grates and anti-leak brush grommets, is the only practical way to

address the growing heat dissipation issues facing today’s mission critical facilities.


When it comes to the demanding environments of today’s data centers, server rooms, and super

computer complexes, Pugliese offers a variety of solutions. With more powerful and compact servers and

computers generating massive amounts of heat, Tate has met this challenge through the combined use

of new aluminum 60% open and steel 68% open DirectAire™ grates and more traditional 25% and 32%

open DirectPerf™ panels that direct the air to exactly where it is needed. These unique airflow grates can

also be utilized to specifically address the growing problem of “hot spots” within a data center



In addition, through SmartAire™ Tate offers a unique solution to being able to control peak and slack

airflow demands by connecting directly to thermostats planted within the server cabinets that in turn

control opposed blade dampers built into each DirectAire™ grate.  This system also allows for reducing

energy consumption and costs whenever possible.

Sometimes additional air flow is need in isolated areas, and Tate’s PowerAire™ system is just the

answer.  PowerAire™ incorporates a fan built into the DirectAire™ grate that is controlled by sensors

mounted to the front of the rack, which comes on or off line as conditions demand.


Finally, the new line of Koldlok “anti-leak” brush grommets helps keep cool air under the floor where it

belongs, allowing it to be introduced into the space in a controlled manner. Customers also have the

choice of choosing between a lighter solid All-Steel “hollow” panel or a quieter solid ConCore “filled”


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