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Although access floors are usually installed in new facilities, in order to meet society’s new demand for the more environmentally friendly solution of recycling old buildings, Access Floors are rapidly becoming a popular way for owners and developers to retrofit existing facilities into sustainable work places of the 21st Century.


Most existing commercial office buildings were not designed to accommodate the advances of information technology, with the resulting integration of power/voice/data and air distribution, which are integral in creating a productive work environment. Consequently, many such buildings are unappealing to developers, tenants and employees, which significantly reduces their market appeal.


Tate’s Building Technology Platform (BTP) provides underfloor service distribution of key utilities to transform an outdated, inefficient design into a more flexible, cost effective, and healthier work environment.


And, if restricted floor-to-ceiling height is an issue, consider using Tate’s Low-Loc floor system to accommodate reduced space under the floor.Back.

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